Why are we different

Every Bertoli vehicle, from the big trolley to the simple hand trolley, from the specialized trolley to the tailored one, is carried out with a series of devices and exclusive solutions that allow its extraordinary functionality and efficiency.

In many years of activity we gathered an invaluable experience of problem solving through innovative research, which allows us to continuously improve the solutions.

Skills and knowledge are shared throughout our entire production team and also provided to any customer.

In our company, reliability is not just a theoretical concept.

The product’s long life is real and documented: tens of thousands of Bertoli trolleys have been running for decades under taxing conditions, showing an insignificant wear and tear.

Some elements allow the Bertoli trolleys to be truly special:

  • Automatic parking brake with the possibility to put the drawbar in vertical position.
  • Can be equipped with: automatic abandonment parking brake, hydraulic emergency abandonment brake, hydraulic overrun service brake.
  • The rear tow hook can be manual, semi-automatic, automatic or with remote control.
  • The hand trolleys, in particular those for office, clinched edges and corners provide protection at points of possible contact with the operator.
  • Revolving fork system, rubber-only suspensions, special pressed steel sheet elements, patented wheel rings, continuous ball bearings.
  • Special wheels: solid rubber, "super elastic", "semi-pneumatic" with exceptional smoothness. 

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