Who are we

Today, Officine Bertoli is dedicated to both the design and production of trolleys. Our company represents a success story of transport technology, industrial transport and production line transport.

"Auto Moto Officina Vincenzo Bertoli" was founded in 1925 to provide services to the then rare motor vehicles. In 1930 Vincenzo Bertoli contributed towards developing (with a DKW licence) a new means of transport, now known as a "three-wheeler", which was destined to play a decisive role in Italy for the development of the motorisation of small businesses, as well as commercial and industrial activities.

After the war, the Officine Bertoli concentrated on the design and manufacturing of means of transport for the railways. The widespread capillary diffusion of Bertoli trolleys (every railway station has them) together with the excellent features of smoothness, explain the production success of this company.

Bertoli’s activities are not limited to mechanics, a sector where the company owns several patents, but also include the production of special rubber compounds for the production of its own wheels.

Towards the end of the ’80s, the company decides to stop the production of engined vehicles, in order to focus on the design, construction and sales of trolleys.

Any Bertoli product, whatever kind or work environment, represents the maximum in technology, efficiency and reliability, and represents therefore the benchmark authority in its sector.

Special attention is paid to the design of aimed products, individually dedicated to various sectors, that offer maximum safety.

Starting point After the second world war
’60s ’70s and ’80s

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