The wheel is one of the major influences on the performance of a trolley.
Bertoli has managed to match a remarkable running silence under all conditions, the traction effort second to none. If during manual use you appreciate the minimum physical effort and optimum handling, during mechanized towing the performance of the wheel unit allows a lower consumption of battery power, so less battery charging-up and consequently longer life thereof - with both economic and environmental advantages.

All our trolleys, manual or towed, are equipped with rubber Bertoli wheels, the fruit of decades of experience and research in the field.
The maximum enhancement of the extraordinary quality of the Bertoli wheels is offered by the Semi-pneumatic series, researched and manufactured to obtain great elasticity and duration. Thanks to a special compound and particular technical solutions, they manage to sustain a running speed of up to 60 km/hr (37 miles/hr). Ideal in Ports, Airports, Open markets etc. where running speed is particularly important. Suggested for various floorings to substitute pneumatics.

Features of the Bertoli rubber rings:

  • Hardness 68 ÷ 70, ideal value that allows for both maximum strength and minor towing traction effort.
  • Belting with various layers of rubber material, guaranteed shape proof.
  • Trace proof
  • Acid, oil, solvent proof
  • Temperature resistant from - 45°C to + 180°C.
  • Maximum running silence with or without load.
  • Availability of various compounds, as fit for the specific needs
  • Peak traction effort lower than 100 N/t, and inferior to 60 N/t when running: a top performance in its field.
  • Embossed or fork assembly, single or multiple
  • Wheels are composed of removable discs made out of pressed steel:
    • ball bearing housing obtained by high precision presswork for low capacities
    • incorporated hub with double ball bearings and perfectly grease-sealed for high capacities
  • Wheel units:
    • twinned, to reduce sliding friction turning into rolling friction
    • multiple assembly for higher capacity and smoothness
    • multiple assembly for disconnected or gridded flooring

The full specification of this system
is available in PDF format

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