We design and manufacture top products and more.

Hand trolleys and trailers for internal transport.

During its long activity span, Bertoli has seen the necessity of its customers change and, consequently, has adapted its range of products. Old products that are no longer fit to serve, leave the market where others are being tested and manufactured to answer new customer requests.

Many solutions, having served for some time, will be restudied with the support of new technology.
This has allowed us to improve the Bertoli products even more, and to enlarge even further the range of products.
We dispose of ever more efficient answers to your freight transport. We offer efficient solutions to the needs of the production world which continues to evolve.

Experience blends with innovation when we design and manufacture in answer to our customers’ requests.
We consider ourselves in partnership with them, when researching the transport solution. We offer our customers our product experience.

Among others, we designed and manufactured tailored solutions for:
Alcoa, PCMC, Cern, Fischer, Cemonini, Porto di Lavagna, Promatec.

Minimum friction resistance, maximum running silence

The wheel unit is often undervalued. For Bertoli, however, it has always been a fundamental component of the trolley system - a motivation for research and evolution. The wheel is one of the main factors that influence the trolley performance. Bertoli has mastered the match of minimum traction effort and remarkable running silence.

Just push a trolley manually and you’ll appreciate the minimum physical effort and ample handling freedom. For mechanized towing the reduced necessary effort allows a lower consumption of battery power, so less battery charging-up and consequently longer life thereof - with both economic and environmental advantages. The Bertoli rubber wheels are produced in 26 different diameters and sections, using various types of compound in order to adapt to the specific needs.

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